Meet Your IT Staffing Needs with the Right People

When you need short-term IT staff, Moore Computing can provide the right resources to help you through a project, cover an absence or be your outsourced IT provider.

If your business has been forced to either downsize its workforce or place increasing demands on a short-handed IT department, you’re likely aware of how hard it is to maintain service levels – let alone tackle big initiatives. That’s why Moore Computing offers short to mid-term, temporary, or project-specific staffing support to assist your business and provide cost-effective IT resources that augment your existing team.

All across the St. Louis region, our talented project managers, engineers and technicians are delivering benefits to companies like yours. Whether you need extra hands to complete a complex server integration, upgrade a business-critical system like Microsoft Exchange or rollout new end-user solutions, Moore Computing is here to help.

Your business may also be in a situation where it doesn’t make sense to keep a full-time IT employee on staff, but you can’t be without someone to handle IT issues that arise. We can be a direct replacement for your IT department as well, allowing you to tap into the Moore Computing team when the need arises.