Providing End Users with the Ideal Technology.

Every new operating system, mobile device or application update introduces new variables into your IT ecosystem. Moore Computing can help you roll out the best options for your end users and make it easy to manage.

Responding to end user needs is a large drain on the time of most internal IT departments. This makes tackling major projects, such as migrating all end user computers to a new version of Microsoft Windows, challenging to fit into the schedule. That’s where Moore Computing can help. Our team can provide end user device support as well as complete projects that are either beyond the capability or capacity of your existing IT staff.

Moore Computing offers support plans that help keep your end users productive and secure. We focus on Windows and application support, which is where the majority of end user issues arise. Our certified system technicians have proven to be a valuable asset to St. Louis-area business like yours for many years.

We’re also helping our customers offer alternative ways for employees to work that can boost productivity and also be a key component in hiring and retention strategies. Moore Computing offers Mobile Device Management services that help you keep pace with the “Bring Your Own Device” trend that enables employees to use their own smartphones to access email, calendars and other business applications. Plus, with our remote desktop services, you can provide secure access to an employee’s office computer when they’re working remotely, making it easier for them and safer for your critical business data.